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We don’t like to talk Bigg, we’d rather do Bigg.

Read about the BiggBuyy reason.

The BiggBuyy Story

In the days of offline marketplaces, we were the first-of-its kind company to provide Buy-One-Get-One offers consistently. And also, the first to function on the great deals framework. It took off in a great way equipping us with the expertise and knowledge required to make rainmaker deals – for consumers and clients. With the advent of changing days and changing ways, we thought why not transform to digital with a concept that offers true, transparent and thrilling deals. That was the origin of BiggBuyy.

There are people who are constantly looking to experience something new. Then there are people constantly striving to offer something new. Our aim is to serve as a bridge between both to drive and derive significant value. Our approach is to start small and then grow Bigg.

Our Vision

Every Customer. Every Opportunity. No Excuses. No Exceptions.

Our Mission

We are geared and gripped to provide Bigg best deals to our customers. It is value-for-money offers. Specially subsidized spending sprees. All meant to improve our consumer’s quality of life and living. All meant to increase our client’s commerce.

Our Values

Integrity: We are persuasive not abrasive about delivering deals to our clients and customers. And we do it all with integrity without which we are not integral.

Longevity: Although instant gratification is our gambit, we play the game for the loyalty long haul, be it clients or consumers.

Proactivity: It’s not deal over when the deal is done. We strive to be responsive and intuitive regarding client engagements and consumer experiences.

Connectivity: We use innovation to stay tuned to consumers’ or clients’ thoughts and trends and accordingly pursue deal dimensions.

The Back Story

BiggBuyy is the brainchild of Magnanimity Alliance LLP, previously known as Granton. We are all about maverick marketing to catalyse commerce and enhance consumer experiences – with dynamix deals. As Granton, we were a unique player that ran customer acquisition campaigns for and on behalf of our clients – in India since 1999 and internationally since 1990.

For close to two decades, we have successfully acquired more than one million happy customers; representing 500+ local, national as well as international brands. We are the only company to have achieved this milestone to date. And BiggBuyy is our new avatar for the new age.

Our Team

Our company is packed with people who are hardwired to be problem solvers, creative thinkers and deal makers. Our working team celebrates diversity and working place promotes unity. That is how we ensure seamless relationships happen both externally and internally.

Management Team: We have at the helm, supervisory spearheads who plan and prepare for every course of possible action. They work hard and strong at keeping pace with people and products; expectations and experiences. Fondly called the business brains, they have over 60 years of experience between them at collectively working at this concept.

Advisors Team: We don’t believe that one man can know everything or that things can be done alone. That’s why we also work with people of amazing acumen regarding products, marketing, strategies, technologies and more, for designing and developing our deals.