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Want to up your paying customers?

Our customers acquisition approach does it.

With us, you can be sure of business brilliance as we ensure you get the right customers at the right time.

More than

1 million

happy customer

400+ Clients

across various verticals

10 lakh +

BiggBuyy privilege cards sold
Providing deals in


industry categories

17+ years

brand success
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Sensational Stats.

  • We can acquire anywhere between 1000-3000 families in just 60-90 days.
  • We can increase your turn over from anywhere between 20% to over a 80% (establishment size dependent).
  • We will do about 1.0 to 1.5 lakh omniscient engagements in and around your location.
  • We invest more than 50% of our gross revenue back into technology and experiences.
  • We provide a potential for 10-30% increase in sales, immediately.

We were the first-of-its-kind company to provide value deals, especially buy-one-get-one offers. We target the right kind of loyal ‘paying customers’ with dispensable incomes and matching lifestyles; and help build a valuable customer corpus. We do so by offering an amazingly unique program and an equally unique copy-righted product – the BiggBuyy Privilege Customer Loyalty Program’. We specialize in digital and non-digital pull and push approaches to get people to our website, offer them dazzling deals which lend to them becoming a part of our privilege program.

We customize our approach for both our clients and customers of consequence, creating omni-opportunities to build brand awareness and appeal.

How we work: The Bigg Six Steps

  • Developing a customized copyrighted product/campaign.
  • Finalization with formal agreements and launch dates. Going live.
  • Deploying online and offline marketing tactics to reach the right consumers to the website.
  • Customers are locked in for specific time periods through amazing offers.
  • Ensuring the customers utilize the offers at the client’s venue.
  • Clients get consistent consumer footfalls for the select time period.

The Bigg Benefits to your Business

  • We offer risk-free promotions and deals.
  • We help with excess inventory.
  • We generate sales and buzz in the market place.
  • We increase sales in non-performing locations and during lean periods.
  • We ensure repeat business by generating customer frequency and loyalty.
  • We enhance brand exposure and awareness.
  • We have an unmatched speed-to-market.
  • We serve as a dependable source of market intelligence.
  • Our clients always return thanks to our proven and quantifiable results.
  • Our campaigns are designed to be mostly self-funded.